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Yoga Playlist For An Uplifting Practice

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Looking for a yoga playlist for an upbeat practice?

I’ve got you covered! There are so many reasons to do yoga, and every session could potentially have a different intention. And sometimes you just need to listen to a yoga playlist with some chill beats and let yoga put you in a good mood. If you’re like me, I’m always looking for new music! So below is my current playlist for an uplifting yoga session.

 Playlist for a deep chill.

So, when I’m making a playlist I want music that is meditative yet upbeat. I want to zen out a bit but I don’t want to be falling asleep. So enjoy this mix of upbeat tracks for your next yoga session!

These songs are linked to Spotify, you can listen using their free web player.

You can the play the whole playlist here. Not sure about how to get started on your own home yoga practice? Check out my post about starting a beginner home yoga practice here.

yoga playlist