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Signing Up For My First 10km Race

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Last week I signed up for my first 10km race!

I’ve been talking about my goal of running a 10km race for a few months now. Actually, I’ve been talking about a race pretty much since I started running again. But as everyone knows, there is a big difference between talking about something and putting down the money and committing. And knowing that race prices will be going up in a few weeks, I knew it was time to make a real commitment and dedicate my training to a specific race. Either that or pay an extra $25 dollars for the same race two months from now. And, let’s be real, I’d rather that $25 dollars go toward another race instead.

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I’ve upped my number of weekly runs and have added some more serious strength training to the mix! Right now, I’m working on getting myself comfortably running 10-12km long before my race at the beginning of May. And that is because a 10km race isn’t my primary goal of 2018, it’s just the first step toward my goal of a half marathon (which I plan to run in October 2018).

But I’m getting ahead of myself! Back to 10km race talk.

Because I’ve given myself tons of time to train for my race (experts say you should always do at least a 10 week training plan), I’m actually training to come in at under an hour. Which at this very moment is a pretty step goal. But the competitive side of me likes an intense goal, so here i am training for the possibly impossible.

10km race


Choosing your race.

So this will be my first 10km race! But I have run a couple 5km races in the past (like 5 years ago past!). And I made a few important mistakes before and after signing up for those races.

  1. Waiting too long and paying expensive race fees – My teenage self would die at the fact that I’m paying to run. Not only that, I’m paying a lot to run. Nowadays, running really isn’t the inexpensive sport that it’s touted to be. However, it doesn’t have to be as expensive as it can be if you register for your races as early as possible. I’ve been burned by late registration prices and that won’t happen again! If you want to run a race next year, commit to it and register right away. You’ll be happy you did!
  2. Not looking at the route before registering for your race – Yep, I’ve done this as well. I don’t have any logic for why I didn’t look at the route first but I didn’t. And then on my first 5km race day I was ‘blindsided’ by a HUGE hill! A hill that I would have avoided if I had looked at the route.
  3. Not having a real plan – I didn’t quite appreciate the difference between running for fun and preparing for a race. Following a proper training plan will make a huge difference on race day. You can see some recommended guides below.
  4. Not doing a few run throughs before hand – Run throughs are going to be a big part of my 10km race training (and later my half marathon training). When I was training for my 5km’s a few years ago, I ran a couple 5km’s before race day. But that was it. I naively gave very little thought to what race day would look like. As a result, I ended up super flustered and overwhelmed before running my race.

More 10km race info!

Are you currently race training?

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