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Hi, I’m Shannon!

Thank you so much for stopping by The Plant Fit Life! And thank you even more for thinking I’m interesting enough to click the About Me page.

I’m one of those women who have been overweight for most of their life, and I allowed it define me for too long. And for many years, I piled on excuse after excuse (some extremely valid, others not) about why I looked the way I looked. I convinced myself time after time that I was healthy despite being at least a hundred pounds overweight. Now, because I was in my late twenties and was mildly active, yes I was to a degree healthy. I didn’t have diabetes nor was I at risk, I had good cholesterol levels, good heart rate etc, but if there had been a zombie apocalypse I would have been one of the first to die.


A reality check.

I think everyone who makes the decision to truly change their lifestyle and become a healthier person eventually only does so after they give themselves a reality check. As in, they get tired of their own bullshit. I know I did.

My reality check was my grandfather and my uncle having strokes within a few months of each other. It was realizing how many of my blood relatives were on blood pressure medication. It was realizing that I was accepting the fate of having a stroke (or worse) if I continued my life the way it was. My reality check was realizing that even with a healthy lifestyle, a stroke could still be in my future.

Around my 30th birthday I went for my first run in years. I went from vegetarian to vegan. And I started to take myself seriously.

Committing to do better.

I’ve had so many fails. So many starts and stops. But what has lead to my success so far has been simply committing to doing better each day than I did the day before. Kind of like, when you accept a degree of failure to be a part of your success than failure becomes a lot less threatening.

Living your healthiest life is not about being perfect. Not even close. It’s about doing your best each day. It’s about loving yourself and caring for yourself.

Living the plant fit life.

So The Plant Fit Life is about chronicling my plant-based health and fitness journey and encourage others to start theirs. I have a team of awesome people working with me on my goals and I can’t wait to share my ups and downs, workouts, tips, and more with you.

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