6 Plant-Based Smoothies to fuel your run

6 Plant-Based Smoothie Recipes To Fuel Your Run

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A homemade smoothie is a great way to fuel your workout.

When I first started running, I’ll be honest, I wasn’t nourishing myself correctly before my workouts. I often talk about overcoming food negativity┬áboth online and off, but I still have several bad food habits I’m working to overcome. One of those negative food habits was not eating in the morning. And the second I started primarily working out in the AM, this became a big deal

Now, I’ve never really been a fan of eating in the morning. I can’t really explain it other than to say it feels like my stomach simply doesn’t want to accept food before 11am. But that first morning run without any food was pure misery. It was so painful. And I wasn’t able to run very far or very fast. I learned that if I wanted to run in the morning, I had to find a way to get nourishment into my stomach.

It was time to try a smoothie.

Now, it’s not like I’ve never had a smoothie before. I’ve had lots! But I’ve never consumed smoothies regularly. And certainly not as my main breakfast with the intention of fuelling a run. I’ll be honest, while I enjoy my morning smoothies, my stomach still doesn’t love being filled in the early hours. So here are a few tips to keep things bearable if you struggle with putting food in your stomach in the morning:

  • The thinner the smoothie the better. If you have a sensitive stomach, thick smoothies in the AM may not be your friend. Add water, a plant-based milk, coconut water or fresh fruit juice to thin out your smoothie.
  • Simple ingredients. I keep my breakfast smoothies super simple in the mornings, never more than a couple of ingredients. Smoothies with ingredients like kale, nut butter or dates I save for the afternoon.
  • Add a (plant-based!) protein powder to make up for your low ingredient smoothie. I’m a big fan of Vega and have tried almost all of their flavours. I’m currently using their Bodacious Berry Protein Powder which tastes amazing in mixed berry smoothies.

300x250 Vega One


Here are 6 awesome plant-based recipes to enjoy!


Do you have a smoothie recipes you want to share with me? Post it in the comments!

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